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. "Corroboration with the girl. Seems to be true of." Fortunately, I had the same old, married a husband, but love to drink wine, nothing bad habits, even drunk,UGG ブーツ 店舗, vomit after that is up and fell down asleep, Hey,UGG ブーツ 人気,UGG ブーツ アウトレット, I did not expect, fly overhead, learned martial, and he began to curse and kick people. . . . . . "Mrs. calmly said," Never again ah. "In fact, the more calm his wife, better attitude, I was more and more hair. Drank noon yesterday evening. Noon two Big Brother asked me to wine tasting,UGG ブーツ 人気, three bottle. Evening my two high school students to Beijing, table above, the year before the entrance of the Yellow School 234 liberal arts classes at a table,アグ モカシン, naturally indispensable to drink some time ago, autumn good brother also praised me and said look at me drinking so much recently, almost all most every time, but Finally, the state is also good to see me,アグ モカシン, my mind is very clear. ringing in our ears, but I come home drunk from the wine sprinkled wind, but I was always suspected, and perhaps this is the wife to let me drink less, the design of it? hard to say I But for so many years has not been sprinkled wine crazy ah. how could it? (two) finally threw up. was probably 3 o'clock in the morning spit. said Mrs. night to see my old hiccups, know the trouble I've always had a bad habit, every drink, and always just spit 3,4 o'clock in the morning. first hiccup, if at night to eat spicy, it hiccups and spit the process, absolutely uncomfortable. these days with so many successive day drinking,UGG ブーツ アウトレット, every so many,UGG ブーツ 正規品,UGG ブーツ 正規品, has not spit, my liver and stomach pressure can imagine, so I have never been like this,UGG ブーツ 店舗, I feel very happy after the spit. probably have spit the hangover .. it just that hard to pick up his wife to share: Share to Sina Qing prefer to read comments ┊ ┊ ┊ reprint collections like ▼ ┊ ┊ ┊ Report has Contributions to print: Ranking circle loading, please wait ...... Previous: After tossing a big: China Weekly review (three) Comments Important: false alert winning information | [Send comments] Comments loading, please wait ... Send comments | Login: Password: Forgot Password Login Remember Nickname: Share on Twitter review and reprint this blog Verification code: Please enter the verification code after clicking listen verification code anonymous comment Send comments above statements represent their personal views do not represent the views or position of Sina.  China Weekly review (three) Sina BLOG feedback message board bad feedback Phone: 4006900000 tone after pressing a button (standard local telephone charges by local) welcome criticism Sina About | About Sina | Advertise | Contact Us | Jobs | Site Law | SINA
。”丫头佐证着。看样子是真的了。“我以前还老庆幸,嫁了个老公,除了爱喝点酒,没啥不良嗜好,即便喝醉了,最多也就是吐了之后倒头就睡,嘿,没想到,飞上天了,学会了武的了,竟然开始骂人和踹人了。。。。。。”太太平静地说,“下不为例啊。”其实,太太越平静,态度越好,我心里越发毛。昨天中午晚上都喝了。中午两位老大哥请我品酒,三人一瓶。晚上是我两个中学同学来京,一桌之上,当年前黄中学文科班高考的234名在一桌上,自然少不得喝一些。前一段时间,秋良兄还表扬我,说最近看我喝酒那么厉害,每次差不多都是最多的,但最后看我状态还不错,脑子清醒得很。言犹在耳,我却喝得回家撒起了酒风。不过,我心里一直怀疑,也许这是太太为了让我少喝酒,设计的呢?难说。我可是这么多年一直没有撒果酒疯啊。怎么会呢?(二)终于吐出来了。大概还是在早上3点多吐的。太太说,晚上看我老打嗝,知道要麻烦了。我一直有一个不好的习惯,每次喝多了,总是在凌晨3、4点钟才吐。先打嗝,如果晚上吃了辣的,那打嗝和吐的过程,绝对的难受。这些天接连着这么多天喝酒,每次那么多,一直没有吐,我的肝和胃的压力可想而知了。所以,我从来没有像这次似的,感觉吐了以后很痛快。大概把宿醉都吐掉了吧。只是,辛苦太太收拾了。 分享: 分享到新浪Qing 喜欢 阅读┊ 评论 ┊收藏┊转载┊喜欢▼┊打印┊举报已投稿到: 排行榜 圈子加载中,请稍候......前一篇:大折腾后一篇:中国周刊检讨(三) 评论 重要提示:警惕虚假中奖信息| [发评论]评论加载中,请稍候... 发评论 | 登录名: 密码: 找回密码 注册记住登录状态昵称: 分享到微博 评论并转载此博文验证码: 请点击后输入验证码 收听验证码匿名评论发评论以上网友发言只代表其个人观点,不代表新浪网的观点或立场。 <前一篇大折腾 后一篇>中国周刊检讨(三) 新浪BLOG意见反馈留言板 不良信息反馈 电话:4006900000 提示音后按1键(按当地市话标准计费) 欢迎批评指正 新浪简介 | About Sina | 广告服务 | 联系我们 | 招聘信息 | 网站律师 | SINA

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